Thursday, September 23, 2010

The unbelievable unsightly Grungycritter has made its way across the sea to lands I have never been too. A piece of aspired art, yet not to everyone’s taste. Some will smile, others will laugh and some will spend their hard earned money to get their hands on something so uniquely different. It’s a past time of yester year where crazy quilts are recycled and buttons are removed from once very fashionable clothing. Painted and sanded, stained and rusted all to give it the look like no other. I have been called the Queen of Grungy…dirty or inferior, shabby. Funny I don’t see myself as such. Very clean handmade dolls made to look and take on the name of no other...The Grungycritters... sold in a country near you.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Want a grungycritter doll?

Just Email me at ( for information and prices on dolls and critters
shipping is free in the U.S....Dolls are made to order and will be as close as can be. Due to the use of old quilts and old buttons they will change. Your cat or dog can be made into a grungcritter.....annies.....fall fairys and button fairys are some ideas...if you can dream it up, I can make it for you....Very primitive folk-art grunygcritters are not for everybody taste....made they are made to look that way...EBay a lot of very happy free to look around. Thanks
I have many more not on the blog yet......

other grungycritters

grungycritter dolls


Each doll is unique, no two are the same.
Very primitive folk-art dolls, made from old quilts
Having been recycled for that yester year look. Old buttons
Wool, yard and even paper are used for hair. Rags, flour sacks.
Painted, sanded and waxed on some. Rusty wire and what knots are added.
You tell me what you think you want and I will put it together for you… that way.
They are ugly…funny looking dolls with character ….they make people smile.
They have sold on EBay and all over the world. Welcome to my grungy critter
Your order what you want and I make your wish come true…no one will have one just like that…
only you